Thousands of Deaths“

computational sculpture

Thousand of deaths reads RSS feeds and looks for the presence of keywords in articles about immigration from The Guardian. 
The mechanism expresses the noticeable tension in topics related to the subject of migration in our society.

Keywords: death, dead, anti-immigration, demolition, violence, confiscation, xenophobic, populism, xenophobia, bigotry, crisis, far-right, racism, racist, parochialism, intolerance, extortions, danger, crackdown, trap, criminals, rapists, tragedy, incident, battle, kidnapping, extort, kidnap, kill, mafia, deportations, desperation, suffocated, swim, electrocuted, run over, frozen, sadness, bitterness, risks, dismantle, hopeless, limbo, desperation, dangerous, hate, anti-immigrant.

Photography © HEAD – Geneva / Raphaelle Mueller
Photography © HEAD – Geneva / Raphaelle Mueller