website application, book and screen prints

Statements is about politic, jokes, commitment, slogans, history, cheekiness, licensing, ‘lolcats’, Wikipedia, photography, ‘meme’, web culture, free software, information, short message system, subversion, web application, communication, participation, activism, creative commons, images, users, referencing, laugh, tools, propaganda, viral communication, internet, copyright, inaccuracy, image boards, research, user-generated content, ‘lolspeak’, data, criticism, forums, network, design and insolence. 

Statements application project creates ties and proximities between the ‘lolcat’ phenomenon and historical images as critical graphic tool. Exploring the ideological landscape through image licensing, the online free encyclopedia and meme’s web culture as activism. Does the internet choose in our place and does it shape our discourse or are we still in the far west where the freedom of speech and political incorrectness can still have their place? Parody wholly made of photo captions in ‘lolspeak’ language, idiosyncratic to web media and photographies from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Statements take an impertinent approach to political graphic design.

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