Malicious email vol. I editions
134 pp., 2019

Malicious email is, simply put, email with a pernicious purpose. The malicious intention can be fraud, theft, espionage, or malware injection. The processes by which email execute the malicious activity vary widely, from fully manual (human-directed) to fully automated. One example of a malicious email is one that contains an attachment which the recipient is directed to open. When the attachment is opened, a malicious software is installed on the recipient’s computer. Because malicious email can vary so broadly in form and function, automated detection is only marginally helpful.
The education of all users to detect potential malicious emails is essential to contain the threat and limiting the damage. It is increasingly urgent for all email users to understand how to recognize and combat malicious emails.

Malicious email is a compilation of various malevolent emails to become aware of pernicious strategies and limit the damage.

Photographs © Raphaëlle Mueller