installation art 

It is an interactive and playful installation that evokes the dynamics of a musical instrument. The mechanics of the game is articulated around the gestures of the hands of the players and sound creation. A tubular system is used alternately as a learning tool and as a visual representation of the generated audio spectrum. The intention is to present the player with a challenge, that of mastering the artefact. He will be able to learn to compose chords sequences or to simply experiment the proposed sonore universe. The idea is to transport the player in a sensory world, to propose a playground mixing movement, sound and view. The concept of collaboration intervenes in the installation because it can be played alone or with two. The interactive installation consists of two main elements: a tubular system containing ping pong balls and a sensor surface acting as an interface. The interface is designed for one or two players with bounded areas for hand movements. 

Project realised in collaboration with Yann Longchamp