Borders are Imaginary Lines

The Art of Utopia

Borders are imaginary lines drawn around specific geographic territories. They mark the boundaries of a nation or state, an area ruled by a particular political system and government, making real the concept of nations and countries. Without these imaginary lines there would be no need to create physical barriers separating one group of people from another. As physical borders are built, divisions between people are constructed. These borders take the form of racist stereotypes and judgments of others based on their country of origin. Borders legitimize violence, war and oppression.

The Art of Utopia is an International Graphic Exhibition initiated by the Goethe-Institut Israel, Tel Aviv.

Exhibition at Pyramide Contemporary Art Center, Haïfa, Israel (July — October 2018)
Exhibition at Augsburg High Peace Festival 2018, Germany (July — August 2018)
Exhibition at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem, Israel (July 2017 — August 2018)